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Fire and Explosion Investigation

  • Root Cause determination
    • What was the scenario that led to the ignition of the fire?
  • Large and complex loss experience
  • Diagramming the fire scene and fire vector analysis
    • Document the scene and the area of origin
  • Electrical System Analysis
    • Was there improper or dangerous wiring that led to the ignition of the fire?
  • Electrical Circuit Mapping
    • Document the layout of electrical curcuits and devices and how they relate to the area of origin
  • Electrical Component Evaluation
    • Were the components in the area of origin competent ignition sources?
    • Was there a component malfunction that led to the fire.
    • Was a component improperly used?
  • Electrical Arc Mapping
    • Can lead the investigator to the area that was first attacked by the fire
  • Explosion Analysis Experience With:
    • Coke ovens
    • Coke oven gas processing
    • Calcium carbide manufacturing
    • Coal Pulverizers
    • Coal conveyor systems
    • Chemical reactor incidents
    • Grain elevators
  • Gas System Examination and Testing
    • Was there a problem with the gas system that led to a fire or explosion?
    • Leak testing valves, fittings, and piping
    • Measurement of gas leakage rate
    • Were any valves left open?
  • Kitchen Fire Analysis
    • Residential and Commercial
    • Suppression system documentation
    • Evaluation of the clearance to combustible construction
    • Hood and duct construction evaluation
    • NFPA Standard 96 compliance analysis
  • Oven, Furnace, and Boiler Failures and Explosions
    • Combustion control systems testing and analyisis
    • Special atmosphere generators and control systems
    • Analysis of system data leading up to an incident
    • Sequence of operation review
    • Safety ventilation calculation and review
  • Codes and Standards Compliance Evaluation
    • Were there violations that led to the ignition of the fire or prevented its extinguishment or containment?